LSTS-3000 CNC Inter-turn Taping\Cutting\Dragging Pneumatic Constant Tension Automatic Complete Winding Equipment (12-head)

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Product Description

Technical Specifications:

1、Adopt full-digital servo control method, all the parameters input, adjust, save through the touch screen;

2、Winding adopt the torque control, and also has the function of turn-toturn insulation tape non-stop continuous bandaging. Insulation tape tension can be adjusted manually;

3、Winding can be single or multiple pieces together, max. winding number 12 pieces; With transposition function;

4、Pay-off uses constant tension wire; can realize the pay-off tension's free set and automatic control, the wire tension always keep constant in the winding process;

5、Achieve automatic winding: automatic coil on, counting, automatic cutting; winding process has manual, automatic, pause, emergency shutdown, etc; only need to start the button after coil reel clamping, then the equipment can automatically complete coil winding according to the parameters, after the automatic completion of winding, the coil automatically loosen, the equipment state reset;

6、Coil bobbin pitch: 400~3000mm; coil max. length 3200mm;

7、Coil bobbin diameter 10, 20, 30mm (nose pin radius R5, R10, R15);

8、Coil sectional area: height 10~80mm, width 5~25mm; wire gauge: wire thickness 1~4mm; wire width 5~12mm; wire lead length 30~300mm; each wire's tension 0~60kg adjustable. The electromagnetic coil reel max. 200kg;

9、Dimensional precision after winding: ±0.1mm; With counting function: max. recordable number of turns 999;

10、Main axis speed (stepless speed regulation): 0~16rpm; main axis max. load: 1000kg;

11、Winding Machine max. tension 700kg, torque (16rpm) 9000Nm, principal axis has brake, fix position exactly;

12、Using double tape reel for turn-to-turn bandaging device, tape speed: 50~250rpm. Taping length 4m;

13、Turn-to-turn taping machine overlapping rate 1/3~1/2~3/4 stepless adjustable, PLC control, double stepping motor drive;

14、Insulation tape width: 20mm, 25mm; tape reel outer diameter: 110mm;

15、Turn-to-turn taping arrangement for the number of pieces (width × height): 2×1~6pcs, bandaging section 26×18mm or 22×20mm.