ZDG drop roll machine series

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Product Description

ZDG series automatic drip paint, paint roller machines are mainly used motor rotor, and the special requirements of the stator insulation automatic processing (such as the series wound motor stator 180 ° flip drip paint, car paint rolling generator stator ) the entire process in addition to manually loading and unloading the workpiece, the fully automated, fully guaranteed product consistency.

* Drops (rolling) paint and gel areas, always in the rotating workpiece, the workpiece circumferential surface of the film evenly, thus ensuring the original balancing properties.

* Processed parts with excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

* Commutator on the rotor shaft and the phenomenon of non-stick paint, eliminating the need for scraping paint process, sufficient to ensure the accuracy of the rotor and beautiful appearance, saving insulating paint materials and working hours.

* Heating using hot air circulation drying tunnel, the temperature is relatively uniform, safe and reliable.

* Drops of paint: the use of peristaltic pumps, gear pumps drops of paint, dripping paint volume adjustable;

* Roll paint: paint roller pneumatic lift tank means;

Control system: conventional control system with human-machine interface type (touch screen) control system.